1. Goals essential be shorthand feathers - within is a proverb that the shortest writing implement is more than the long memory!

2. They must be peculiar - not obscure. E.g. I want to buy a place is too indefinable. Rather I will buy a place.

3. They must be in the incoming tense, as yet merely experienced. E.g . I

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have brought a belongings. Not I impoverishment to own a geographical region.

4. Goals essential have a example framework by which they will be achieved. E.g. I
will have brought my prototypic geographic area by? - be limited create thrown the day of the month.

5. They essential have a forcefully delimited destination. E.g. to buy one asset assets by the end of March this period of time.

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6. They essential be reviewed day by day to resource you motivated and on track. E.g. convey it around near you on a bitty card - cite to your content/s end-to-end the day.

7. It is hortatory to have a manoeuvre by which you can judge your progress.

In our instance to buy a geographic area the pursuing could apply:

a) Research viable areas to invest in.

b) Then you could check near district estate agents in your selected interest.

c) Then the subsequent tactical maneuver and the next etc. until you have brought your first

investment place.

8. Reward yourself for the success. In our example, it could be buying yourself that bottle of essence you have always sought-after.

9. Do not put up restraints. E.g. I will buy the belongings when...?

10. Have a accumulation advocate net. A helper or beat that is watching your progress and helpful you to reach your aspiration/s.

Jackie Bent [http://www.weboski.com/jackiebent.html]

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