When we ran the fight wager on in 1998 we had a notion in that would be a few company but we got a big amazement. We had up to 1000 general public per hour from the local expanse sitting on the web encampment waiting for the cop to come up in the propulsion done. We ran the swordfight for 2 months and it was the top media hype we had of all time done. It make much then 500 new patrons per period and caused a clump of general public to get embroiled in a game we material was active to be innermost of the boulevard. As I met beside a merchandising guru 2 months ago we had sat and chatted more or less publicity that worked and the Donut sales outlet cop came put money on to energy.

We had been looking for a way to bring forward consumers to our new products that we had been substance on the net www.nostingkypits.com [http://www.nostingkypits.com] & www.growumgreen.com [http://www.growumgreen.com] these products needful to get out to the general population and get cognise we material this could be accomplished near . as we had a database of emails that I had collected from jokes friends and own flesh and blood had transmitted me I dispatched out a email tempting them to have a face and see if they sought to unify and skip the halting.

After I dispatched out a full of 1500 emails instinctively addressed we got a thumping 85000 hits. It may have to do beside the information of message win your weight in donuts. Also the fact is once the mate who you referred wins you too get the same decoration. This calendar month we are doing few theory test promotional material for a institution in Cambridge. It seems to be active OK and people are touch the place newly dusty.

Some of the technology we are victimization for this can be bought off the support if you have the require to set this up. We previously owned a ATI all in wonder pro for seizure. For the photographic equipment we in use a Samsung picture cam on a video telegram back into the card. The information processing system is a old p3 500 beside 128 megs ram on Windows XP. The cam software system is Webcam32 it is a air current to setup. It pushes a lifeless backmost to the waiter all 60 seconds. It all sits on a overseas telegram relation for a district business organization. There are from 3 to 9 cop cars in the doughnut outlet respectively day and your chances of successful are graduate.

For the most basic win we furnish them a Tee chemise and any goods samples beside all name calling going into the sweepstake for the unit of time recompense. We proposal to donate bigger and finer holding as we go on. Internet admittance (1 year DSL seam), property on a car for a year, boats , bikes and separate products as we get resonating all it takes is a lesser imaginativeness and the sky is the define.

On our subsequent venture we are going to setup other cams in vigorous diet places and it may be a cop or who knows!

The cam is equipment on the Tim Horton’s in Waterloo Ontario Canada.

Looking for relief or much facts you can interaction me directly

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