There is sole one literal Love affair-the mannish aspect of Source radiating Love, and the feminine facet of Source receiving Love-or, as I approaching to mull over of it, Father God caressing Mother God. All other is but a appearance of this bad love, and all that exists is the relation of this connection. All Love originates from the interchange of these two lovers.

Source is commonly fair and masculine. Source radiates Love; Source receives Love. Continuously, impersonally, short fail. When Father God radiates, Love goes off and is prescriptive by every characteristic of Creation that is allied to acquire it, and radiated away to be normative by Mother God and so on. But where does Father God get the care he radiates? From Mother God. Where does Mother God get the Love she receives? From Father God.

Fortunately, these lovers never refuse Love; ne'er have a lover's barney and impose sanctions to colligate. They are utterly faithful, and they have been relating in unblemished balance for time. In establish for our lives to be in flawless balance, we requirement to simulate this sanctified relationship inwardly us. We have an hidden powder-puff impulsive and an internal mannish dynamic, and once they are serviceable in prim sequence, our lives are empowered.

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Your wave frequency, and thus, your suffer of life, is pushy by how capably you aid this bad Love concern. When your masculine feature radiates Love on stead of Father God, and your feminine feature receives Love on lieu of Mother God-without conditions-your oftenness is at optimum levels and you are in joy. When you are doing what you were designed to do-radiating and acceptance esteem faithfully, meet as Mother God and Father God do-the make up for is...everything!

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