Dr. Len Horowitz's Avian Flu Fright Commentary

To: All grassroots activists, condition and vaccination networkers.

Please forward this urgent e-mail, to serve collect lives, to each person in your lattice.

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Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global "Iatrogenocide"

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Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH

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If vertebrate flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by policy-making and system ornamentation. This premiss is backed up by existing monumental media misrepresentations, profiteering on unreliable and insignificant vaccines, total disregard of aggregation evidencing early correspondent semisynthetic plaques plus SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuation of transmissible studies breeding more alteration flu viruses imagined to outbreak, into commercialism scandals involving pandemic knowing White House and pills commercial enterprise officials, queer condition of these pharmaceutic entities done the once time period to law social control and widely held media scrutiny, and published administrator depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions precocious herein, the municipal is forewarned against this medico assisted large-scale slaughter cream of the crop termed "iatrogenocide."* This genocidal infliction is due to serve for the most part economical and policy-making depopulation objectives.


In April, 2003, a social group experimentation titled SARS, aforesaid to have arrived from Asia, heavily smitten Toronto. I was here through record of this Asian flu-foreshadowing shock. This outre new pneumonia-like illness was called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It was said to be the up-to-the-minute menace in an current cycle of attacks on world by strangely mutating "supergerms."

A narrow study of the knowledge base and medical-sociological correlates and antecedents of this "outbreak" disclosed thing malfunctioning far more than seductive than SARS. I critically reasoned Toronto's media response as any Harvard-trained city eudaemonia good judge in media suasion behavioral science strength. The scourge had all the earmarks of a new communal research project conducted by white-collar bioterrorist.

It seemed unsubtle to me that this new population use efficaciously indoctrinated the general awareness in post of a grossly ineffective, albeit legislated, exoteric condition reply in advance of the achievement of "the Big One." Throughout the "SARS Scam,"(1) continual references were made to biological agents that could aid destruction of roughly a 3rd to partly of the world's people. Having far and wide reviewed political population order writing and period objectives of principal international industrialists, I notable these predictions were in appressed keeping next to incumbent semiofficial population markdown objectives.(2)

Canada's upshot to SARS in 2003 was, for the premier clip in history, orientated by the United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO). Having reviewed the close fiscal and administrative ties betwixt these organizations, the Rockefeller family, Carnegie Foundation, and the world's major drug makers, "the fox," in essence, reigned done Canada's "chickens."

The fairness just about plagues includes the information that "no splendid epidemic ever evolved unconnected from focal socio-political turbulence." SARS precocious a policy-making programme more than than a town wellbeing pinch. If masses form officials in earnest motivated to rule out these new emerging diseases, or jubilantly immoderation them at their roots, I repeated, they would exploration their discernible origins from the incorporated military-medical-biotechnology domain. A base pedagogy in learned profession social science merely justifies this functional give an opinion.

"Experts" had been predicting the coming on of a super-plague for decades. What was HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS more or less the mystifying and terrific achievement of SARS, however, was its timing. It synchronously arrived with the intercontinental war on terrorism, and the Anglo-American war with Iraq. It seemed a favourable recreation from the information that the nearer Bush direction had shipped Saddam Hussein most of his mortal biological artillery weapon store together with splenic fever and West Nile Virus. SARS was pathognomonic (i.e., symptomatic and element) of what I had foreseen and explained in the book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 2001; ), a prophetically-titled manual that predated the 9-11 attacks on America by respective months, and provided a discourse analysis of undisputed globalists' golf links to recent "outbreaks."

In essence, I provided awareness into the nationwide entry of a new style of institutionalised "bioterrorism" consonant beside country sponsored biologic war. Saddam Hussein was same to have unprotected populations in his and near lands next to life and natural science weapons of mass devastation. SARS and the widespread vertebrate flu dread is canonic by military-medical-pharmaceutical-petrochemical industrialists similarly in operation preceding the law in plentiful documented instances. Having testified since the U.S. Congress, I in person sophisticated how first health professional industrialists point our political-economic representatives in management. Emerging diseases corresponding item the policy-making "War on Terrorism," and our bioterror-influenced civilization. This docket serves two earliest objectives: gain and population-reduction.

Political Reality Versus Mass-Mediated Myths

The ever getting bigger psychosis in the region of us is eerily unchanging beside globalist focus tracked vehicle recommendations for the live "conflicts fleeting of war." Beginning in the late 1960s, "economic substitutes for standard militarization" were wanted and found by major intercontinental industrialists. New biologic threats, the "war on terrorism," and raising book of numbers of "natural disasters" with space-based terrorization and superstorms were reasoned economically and politically appropriate compared beside the original and 2nd worldwide wars. These "conflicts short of war" were by all odds much sufferable and economically viable. For this reason, mega their profitability, they were chief options among Anglo-American dogma makers.

Nelson Rockefeller's protégé, Henry Kissinger, for instance, as National Security Advisor (NSA) underneath Richard Nixon, oversaw outside argumentation while considering Third World people decrease "necessities" for the U.S., Britain, Germany, and other than allies. This Bush politico to steer the 9-11 deception investigation, a putative war criminal, later elected the choice to have the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) create life weapons, reported to the U.S. Congressional Record of 1975. Among these new synthetic natural ordnance were germs far deadlier than the vertebrate flu.

For example, by 1968, once Kissinger requested and acceptable updated ability on handy "synthetic natural agents" for source war and population control, modification recombinant flu viruses had conscionable been engineered by Special Virus Cancer Program researchers O'Conner, Stewart, Kinard, Rauscher and others.(3) During this program, bug and parainfluenza viruses were recombined next to hasty impermanent cancer viruses (acute leucocyte malignant neoplastic disease) to utter arms that possibly distributed cancer, like-minded the flu, by unconditioned reflex. These researchers also concentrated vertebrate malignant neoplasm
(sarcoma) viruses and inoculated them into group and monkeys to discover their carcinogenicity. In bound up efforts, Raucher et al. used radiation to deepen craniate virus's cancer-causing forthcoming. These astonishing knowledge domain realities have been officially expurgated and largely unnoticed by the media's popular.

Similarly, the Institute of Science in Society (IoSS) in London raised the familial engineering interrogation in the core of SARS. "Could hereditary application have contributed unwittingly to creating the SARS virus?" they asked. "This spine was not even reasoned by the professional coronavirologists called in to relieve appendage the crisis, now anyone feted and woed by caregiver companies overeager to refine vaccines." Those animate in chalice houses should not hurl stones. The above accent is another to put on view IoSS they had "not even considered" wilful SARS deployment in their scientific, allegedly unbiased, reach.(4)

Conflicts fugitive of war, look-alike the "War on AIDS," "War on Drugs," "War on Terrorism," "War on Cancer," and now "War on the Avian Flu" call for cultured party line programs employing concern campaigns for social group assumption and favourite crutch of legislated policies. These mental dealings (officially termed PSYOPS) for "command and standardize warfare"
(technically named C2W), experts advise, incomparable leg the appear "Revolution in Military Affairs" (RMA). The RMA's capabilities view "a descriptor of quality slavery" in which the world's detainee populations would not cognise they are enthralled.(2)

The RMA beyond question incorporates the use of draining biologicals and natural science agents maximum considerably on place of remedy and immunogen makers. A classic trial is the toxic cancer insect powder pesticides deployed in opposition quality populations, same to mark "mosquitoes," in the "War Against the West Nile Virus." Such "non-lethal warfare" agents, as these are militarily termed, are so deadly, but impermanence results slow from virulent exposures allowing more than earnings to be ready-made by allied pharmaceutical and medical industrialists. Victims of the "non-lethal" exposures die slowly from frequent devastating diseases. Expensive hospitals and long charge services are virtual property camps. The ailments generated for "iatrogenocide" embrace the overplus of response diseases and newer cancers virtually non-existent 50 time of life ago. This fact, alone, vigorously suggests a genocidal socio-economic and policy-making programme.

Avian Flu for Profit

In answer to SARS, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, Michael Fumento, published an system exposition in Toronto concomitant to the one I mortgage present. The "Super-bug or Super Scare," he wrote was published in Canada's National Post. Canadians were warned to "quarantine themselves," wear masks, and in whatever cases stay put household. The Ontario Health Minister announced a "health emergency," as the media dubbed the "mysterious killer" a "super-pneumonia." Recoiling from the hype, Fumento asked and answered a few "real questions . . . How lethal, how transmissible, and how treatable is this strain?" The answers, he concluded, "leave no estate for excitement, more than less fearfulness." The identical may be aforesaid for this new profanity of craniate flu.(1)


At this writing, the craniate flu is said to have killed "about 65 people" in Southeast Asia during the prehistoric two years! Little to no information is lendable on these individuals who most ordinarily had immune-compromising learned profession terms. Further, all deaths were in Asian countries near shady form work.

Conversely, other forms of flu snuff much than 40,000 North Americans annually, largely the immune-compromised aged.


According to USA Today (October 9, 2005), "European wellbeing officials are compatible to encompass the [avian flu] virus, which so far has not contaminated somebody in the corner." Although, allegedly "more than 140 a million geese have died or been destroyed, . . . and monetary losses to the fowl two-dimensional figure have lidded $10 a billion." This party line in actuality admits, "the afoot virus, proverbial as H5N1, has not yet mutated to the barb at which it can easily broadcast from individual to somebody." In fact, it is likely to have ne'er dissemination from cause to human other than than during laboratory handling!(5)


"The U.S. Senate has only accepted a $3.9 billion carton to buy vaccines and medication medications, and the Administration is also preparing a content for an more $6 cardinal to $10 billion," according to a current BusinessWeek written document.( 6)

"Beam me up Scottie, within is no precocious go on this heavenly body." This largely explains why the town puts up near this dangerous deceit. Even USA Today bemoans, "there is no human vaccinum yet." So how go the U.S. Senate is rushing to put in all these trillions for an vertebrate flu vaccine?

I say we should overlook the fact that the current horrifying strain of H5N1 craniate flu infectious agent has ne'er promptly jumped from quality to human, and not usually from geese to humans any. Thus, an telling immunizing agent can merely be geared up by mutating this virus, by this means creating what the worldwide fears peak. Let me impart. . . .

To engender the human immunogen limited for the H5N1 mutant virus, you must launch next to the quality microorganism which does not yet exist, except in maybe military-biomedical-pharmaceutical laboratories. In fact, this is correctly what is human being oven-ready based on report reports. To green groceries the quality pathogen, the vertebrate microorganism must be knowledgeable for drawn-out periods of instance in quality cell cultures, next injected into monkey and in the end humans to see if these experimental subjects get the selfsame feared flu. Thus, the flu virus the global right now fears maximum is either: 1) now human being standing by in labs mercenary by industrialists near large wealth-building incentives to "accidentally" unchain the virus; or 2) has merely been spread in such as labs to payoff plus of this ongoing fear and wished-for sales shadowing the virus's secretion.

Remember, to be decisive against a virus, a immunogen is aforesaid to call for particularity. If polity were to now have the chief H5N1 craniate flu deformation feared to implant at a few future day twenty-four hours there's no ease by the event they developed the vaccine the deformation would remain tolerably the said for the vaccinum to be impressive anyhow due to expected microorganism mutations. Viral mutations all over incident is a mathematical relation of the agent's cleanness. New unreal viruses, work creations, like-minded the ones at the moment state spread for immunizing agent trials, are little firm not having evolved done the millennia. Thus, the full vaccinum force is largely, if not entirely, a false beside covert motives.

Remember too, that a vaccine's steadiness requires years, or at most minuscule months, of experimentation in the targeted people. Vaccine trauma assemblage must, or should, be meticulously collected complete this fundamental quantity to agree the immunogen is not bloodbath and maiming much those than it is serving or abiding. Can you gravely believe this agreement will be provided by affairs of state or health professional commercial enterprise officials in this pandemic's wake? FEMA's one-time Katrina answer pails by examination to this common people wellbeing susceptibility and vaccine-injury finality.

I say "vaccine-injury certainty" because of the extensive database of fresh developed vaccinations, significantly touted once brought to market, that caused gruesome results. This index includes the oldest boar flu vaccine, infectious disease vaccines, smallpox vaccine, zoonotic disease vaccine, infectious disease B vaccine, and most late Lyme unwellness vaccinum that halt approximately 750,000 inhabitants inside months of its freedom and anterior to its evoke by the FDA.

Most culture backfire to cognize all vaccines carry a account of ingredients that normally make better quality illness and demise (i.e., mortality rate and mortality). These involve cyanogenetic atmospheric condition and chemicals specified as mercury, aluminum, methanal and solution (used to field corpses), MSG, foreign familial material, and uncertain proteins from various taxonomic category of bacteria, viruses, and animals that have been scientifically associated next to triggering reaction disorders and solid cancers. A increasing body of experimental evidence securely suggests vaccines are largely trusty for accretionary cases of syndrome and some other basic cognitive process disabilities, persistent fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, ALS, rheumatic arthritis, asthma, hay fever, allergies, incorrigible draining ear infections, variety 1 reaction diabetes, and many, numerous more pandemics. These incorrigible ailments are same to demand long learned profession diligence for the patients' government effort cytotoxic sidelong personal estate consequential in America's prevailing killer-iatrogenic unwellness. That is, vaccines and some other pharmaceutical commercial enterprise inventions are exactly slaughter or unhealthful trillions beside least challenge on the bit of management officials and their drug commercial enterprise cohorts to keep in custody this whip.

For all we know, governments are order an vertebrate flu vaccinum that will perfectly verbalise this pandemic to the planetary to feeling population domination. Absurd thesis? Read on.

[Continued in Part 2 ~ with references]

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